Revolutionizing Collaboration: The Nexus of Innovation and Expertise

For over a decade, our agency has thrived, accumulating experience, forging networks, expanding our horizons, and growing our team. Starting as a standard advertising agency, we continually evolved into various directions.

Our significant turning point was the inaugural Liquid Market Festival in 2021, which we established with our client Bert Jachmann, turning it into a massive success. This event made us realize the extensive network we had at our disposal, including service providers, entrepreneurs, DJs, and more.

Thus, we decided to shift our focus and grow. We established Nexus - a vast network encompassing entrepreneurs, DJs, event managers, gastronomes, real estate tycoons, organizers, graphic designers, restaurants, massage salons, and many more. We all collaborate to mutually strengthen each other.

Why do we do all this?

The benefits are clear. For large-scale projects such as events, festivals, corporate parties, TV shows, political events, or film shootings, we know exactly whom to call for the best quality assurance. This ensures your project is delivered with the highest quality, efficiency, and at a fair price because only the best enter our network.

Each potential network partner undergoes meticulous scrutiny and is assigned test projects to determine their quality. As the network rapidly grows, so does our array of offerings.

Smiling Bartender on the Liquid Market Festival in Vienna Patryk Sobolak, Gründer und Geschäftsführer der Nexus Corporation GmbH, beim ersten Liquid Market Festival, verantwortlich für das Aftermovie.

What we do?

We handle every concern you might have as we already have specialists in nearly every field and continue to expand. Whether you want to shoot a documentary or film, organize a festival or trade show, launch a comprehensive advertising campaign, or seek virtual tours or investors for your real estate project, we can assist. In fact, that's precisely our job. Sit back and let us handle the rest.

Our mission & vission

Our vision is to unite the best of the best under one roof. Together, tackling the most significant projects fairly and professionally, yet with a familial approach. Chemistry and mutual respect are crucial, as those who enjoy collaboration will deliver quality work. We aim not just to create a vast network but to nurture, develop, and challenge our network partners, thus delivering the best quality and innovative solutions to our clients.

Who we are?

We are a network of advertising agencies, event managers, programmers, designers, organizers, technicians, DJs, musicians, gastronomes, doctors, various service providers, real estate moguls, investors, and much more. Together, we master every significant project and challenge with excellence.

How we work

Each client or project is assigned a dedicated contact person to lead and plan the project. This person will be your primary contact, getting to know you better to understand and implement your needs and wishes more effectively. We guarantee detailed attention to your needs, ensuring no detail is overlooked because, as the saying goes, too many cooks...

Early Formative Years

Over the past decade, our agency has been at the forefront of transforming the most vital sectors into dynamic and robust entities. We specialize in anticipating the unpredictable and rapidly adapting to disruptions. Our clientele comprises forward-thinking organizations not merely facing the future but shaping it, driven by high potential and ambition.

Starting as a humble advertising agency, we expanded into a multifaceted nexus of services, covering everything from festivals to comprehensive marketing campaigns. Our journey has been marked by continuous growth, learning, and network expansion, making us a powerhouse of innovation and quality service.

The Growth Trajectory

As we evolved, so did our projects and ambitions. The successful orchestration of the Liquid Market Festival in 2018 was a testament to our growth and network. Since then, we've been redefining our focus, establishing Nexus to harness the collective power of entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators across various sectors.

Our growth trajectory is not just about expanding our services but enhancing the quality and scope of our projects. We embrace challenges, push boundaries, and provide our clients with unparalleled quality and innovative solutions, ensuring every venture is not just completed but mastered with excellence.

Chessboard with strategically placed pieces, including a king and queen representing company leadership, surrounded by pawns, knights, bishops, and rooks symbolizing different departments and roles within a corporate structure, illustrating strategic business management and leadership.

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